P.C. Evans lives between Amsterdam and South Wales. He has published poetry in Britain and Holland and translations of Dutch poetry, fiction and drama with Carcanet, Faber, Scribe and Seren. His translated plays have been performed at the Guggenheim, The Old Vic, and The Edinburgh Festival.
He co–edited the European literary magazine The Amsterdam Review from 2005-2008, and was awarded a bursary by the Literature Wales to complete the poetry collection Cadaver Dog Cantos.
His latest publications are Grand Larcenies (Carcanet, 2021) and The Long Song of Tchaikovsky Street (Scribe, 2022).


An ‘unflinching, Ensor-like exploration of the red-light district…a triage of competing depravities, inflected now and then with pathos. Strong meat…’ - Craig Raine

‘An antidote to uncommitted cool and irony, P.C. Evans’ poems stake all on a kind of beat baroque, a visceral melange of sex, death, money, low-life and book learning, stirred with wit and fascination and disgust.’ - Philip Gross

"…Experiment and tradition combine to original effect in poems that are metrically alive and often rich with rhyme, yet display constant mindfulness of Pound’s dictum to ‘Make it new!’…refreshing and impressive in the clarity and focus of a rich and sensual lyricism that is never at odds with uncompromising realism…" - Douglas Houston